Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Voice of the People

The Walk (Chicago to DC) is done but the Journey has just begun. What is most important in this healthcare reform debate, indeed what holds the key to our democracy, is the voice of the people. The Walk, in addition to making a statement about the urgent need for healthcare provided a unique opportunity to gather real stories from real people along the way. I met with hundreds of people: with insurance, without insurance, Democrats, Republications, liberals, conservatives, indigent, middle-class, wealthy—the full spectrum of Americans along a route that took me through six 'Swing' states.

The stories are interspersed in this blog but for easier access they have also been placed in the 'sidebar' to the right. These include written dispatches as well as videos which can also be found on the Walk's YouTube channel. I continue to upload these stories so visit here often for updates.

I am deeply obliged to those who have shared with me their heartrending stores, otherwise private. They opened up to me out of both a desire that these stories would be heard and out of a frustration that among the raging cacophany of corporate interests they, their voices, were not being heard. Out of this obligation, privilege really, I encourage you to read/view these stories and share them with your friends and, most importantly, with your lawmakers, local and national.

The voice of the people must be heard.