Friday, August 14, 2009

Flickr map of the Walk - the journey, the people & the stories


This is a work in progress. A more complete and embedded version will be available soon.

Flickr only shows the last 20 pictures uploaded. Scroll the picture bar at the bottom of the screen to pick up more locations on map. Click on a picture (videos also included) to see more details.

For collections of picture (by Week of the Walk, by Day, by State, People/Scenery, Event, etc.) go to the Flickr Photostream:

Again: this is still a work in progress - pictures are being uploaded, geographic locations placed (estimated in the case of pictures taken with a non-GPS enabled Treo), descriptions & stories being added.

Note that stories submitted to the Facebook group are also being placed on the Flickr Photostream map. We hope to populate this as the Facebook group already has more than 1,700 members as of August 15th.