Friday, August 28, 2009

Special Thanks to ...

The assistance of the organizational team for the Walk has been incredible: John Moore (Media Coordinator), Kerem Arig (Logistics Coordinator), Heather Meyer (Events and Organizational Coordinator), and Timothy Knauth (Fundraising Coordinator). Without their help, this Walk would not have been possible. Along the way, many have provided generous help and support, including …

If I have neglected to include anyone, the omission has been purely inadvertent. So many people have helped along the way that it is impossible to acknowledge all.

Real People with Real Stories

Real People with Real Stories from the Walk For Healthcare

On the Dick Kay Show - 7/18/09

Chicago Progressive Talk. Radio interview set to video with accompanying visuals and annotations.

Dr. Gurel will be on the show again on Saturday, August 29th at 2pm (Central). Listen Live online here or in the Chicago area on FM at 92.5 (West), 92. (North), 99.9 (South) and 820-AM for the City.