Monday, July 6, 2009

Heather at the Holiday Inn in Lima, Ohio

Heather (on the right) at the Holiday Inn in Lima, Ohio
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Heather (on the right) is 23 and recently divorced. She had good insurance through the marriage and actually had significant gastrointestinal problems for which she had four surgeries. She had a gall bladder operation, colonoscopies, “they looked down my stomach too,” and also sinus surgery.

She now works two jobs (the one at Applebee's provides insurance but takes up the entire paycheck). “It's so strange,” she adds, “I have to get a money order to actually cover it and send to the health insurance company headquarters -- $120/month. But I went to the dentist and still paid $30. But without insurance it cost $40, the dentist told me.” She looked over at her friend, who nodded in sympathy. “I don't think insurance makes sense at all.”

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