Friday, July 24, 2009

Howard and Tauyna in Frederick, Maryland

Howard and Tauyna in Frederick, Maryland
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I met Howard, and his wife Tauyna, over breakfast at the Days Inn. Howard told me that they’ve generally been OK, but even with insurance, “deductibles have been increasing and out-of-pocket expenses also going up.”

But Howard wished to share a story from twenty years ago. “It actually relates to what’s happening today,” he told me. He was between jobs, he explained, having left a position with health insurance for a higher-paying job that did not, however, offer health benefits. Soon after, his wife had a tubal pregnancy and with the hospital bills he ended up having to taking out a loan for $8,000 (“a huge chunk of change in those days,” he added). The doctor forgave his fee and he was able to negotiate a half-price with the anesthesiologist. “I sure don’t know what would happen if it were today.”

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