Saturday, July 4, 2009

John & Mike and family

John & Mike and family
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John, on the right, told me “I have good insurance but premiums have gone up 30% in the last year.” He took me into his garage, out from drizzle, to meet his family and friends. “I’m not happy with the way healthcare is now,” he told me.

Mike, in the middle, shared with me his father’s situation. “He’s 52 years-old, a retired GM, Delphi employee, salaried, he was.” Mike looked at me to make sure I understood. “He was a salaried worker,” he repeated. “Which means they took away all his health benefits last April. Wage-earners got to keep their benefits, you know.” I nodded in acknowledgment. “So, he’s too young for Medicare, and now has a bad, bad situation.”

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