Friday, July 3, 2009

Terri in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Terri in Ft. Wayne, Indiana
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Terri—“an older member of the workforce,” as she put it— is currently unemployed. She has no health insurance and with several chronic conditions, chronic sinusitis and hypertension included, she’s “in a difficult situation,” Terri tells me. Her prescriptions have ran out and without insurance, her doctor won’t see her. Even though she asked about a payment plan, “They told me, they take payment in full.”

Terri’s an informed person. “High blood pressure is a ‘silent killer,’” she adds, and “I don’t want to be silently killed because I can’t get the treatment.” She reminded me that she’s certainly not the only one in such a predicament, but said that, “I’m just speaking out, because everybody has to speak. If you don’t speak on it, no one would ever know.”

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