Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sonny northwest of Frederick, Maryland

Sonny northwest of Frederick, Maryland
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Sonny told me the story of a girl in town. Many of the others seated at the bar recognized her plight. “She’s worked for ten years, without insurance,” Sonny told me. And she got sick with a gallbladder problem and, “probably because she couldn’t work on account of her illness,” she was laid-off. She needs a gall bladder removal but the doctor keeps putting her off. “Nobody wants to treat her,” he added. “And she went to see the specialist but he wanted $300 up-front.” Karen, sitting alongside, squirmed in disapproval. “Everyone's giving her the run-around … And there seems to be no way out of her situation.”

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  1. Sad Story.. Please consider getting in touch with the bizymoms Frederick community page. i am sure they will have some comments to give