Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tiffany in Hagerstown, Maryland

Tiffany in Hagerstown, Maryland
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Tiffany doesn’t have a job, nor does she have health insurance. As a single mom, her daughter gets assistance through the state. For herself, she did have to go to the emergency room one time last year but as she didn’t fill out the form for medical assistance in time (there was a three-month time limit ), she ended up owing $4,000. Now she’s being taken to court by the hospital, Washington County. “I get phone calls every day from the bill collectors,” she tells me. “And I’m scared to go back to the doctor for anything including my ‘frozen shoulder’.

With some trepidation, she told me she knew somebody who was threatened with jail for not responding to court summons for a medical bill. “It's not a good situation to be in,” she told me.

Despite her unhappy troubles, Tiffany insisted on smiling when I took her picture.

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